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a glass jewellery box with personalised calligraphy engraving
calligraphy and pattern design are engraved by hand


the glass box is about 12.8 x 12.8 x 7.5cm
maximum of 2 names or 5 words for the engraving

options of adding stars or leaves


you may also have the design painted in gold

please leave us a message about your request


optional item: natural moss and a pair of walnut ring holders



the design, layout and location of the engraving might not be the same as in the photos, we will use our artistic judgment to create the best design for you to fit your wordings, if you have any concerns, feel free to talk to us first


please also leave us a message if you have any other special requests

we will try our best to make it happen


as this is a handmade item and due to the characteristics of the materials
the size, shape, pattern, colour of the product will varies


every piece of our work is unique and made to order ♡


lead time:

2 - 4 weeks


* if you have an urgent order, please send us a message or email us at, to see if we can accommodate your special request


for bulk orders, please message or email us for the price and lead time.

mossy calligraphy engraved glass jewellery box

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