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hong kong calligraphy emma and her favourite gutgut

Our Story

Hello! I’m Emma. I’m the calligrapher behind cottontail and I’m also an interior designer.


My calligraphy journey started when I was gifted a calligraphy learning kit from my cousin. At about the same time, one of my best friends was getting married, so I thought - What perfect timing! I can address her wedding invitations! Since picking up the pen holder, I haven’t been able to stop. Calligraphy sparks joy in me. I would write for hours every day after work and on the weekends. With calligraphy, I found comfort and peace.


Calligraphy slowly turned into a side business from being just a hobby. Being a freelance interior designer and running cottontail full time allows me to spend more time creating my own artwork. Despite all the uncertainty and insecurity of operating my own studio, I’m loving every single minute of it. I pour my heart and soul in every artwork and project I work on, from calligraphy art pieces, to customized products, to tattoo design. I’m also a crafter, so I have combined different crafting skills and materials into my design, such as concrete and leather.


My professor in college once said we interior designers aren’t just designers; we’re artists and visual communicators, and design isn’t just a career, it’s a lifestyle. I believe this applies to all kinds of art form. With my design background, I hope to add a unique touch to my calligraphy works and make them more special and close-to-the-heart.

A little bit more about me

  • I enjoy eating and cooking, especially desserts and baking. I have a little food diary over at @eatwithemmmma. If you are a foodie too, I think we can be good friends.

  • I have been a dog lover since I was a kid and my dog Gutgut is my absolute favourite. She’s the big boss of cottontail and she always keeps an eye on me to make sure I’m working very hard. Her Instagram handle is @tamgutgut, go say hi!

  • I hate the cold. I’m always the first ones to wear the big fat chunky down jacket every winter. I can’t believe I survived high school in Massachusetts and college in Upstate New York. It’s a miracle.

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