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Terms & Conditions

payment methods

Please read the following Terms of Service carefully as it describes the terms and conditions incorporated and included into every cottontail project. It is the responsibility of you, the user, client(s), or prospective client(s) to read the terms and conditions before proceeding to accept a cottontail project Contract, services, or purchase an item from our shop. Certain services may carry additional terms defined outside of this policy.


Your acceptance of a cottontail Contract constitutes your agreement to be bound by these Terms, which establishes a contractual relationship between you and cottontail. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not access or make use of cottontail services. These Terms expressly supersede prior agreements or arrangements with you. No other agreement whether verbal or written shall be in effect, except where agreed to and authorized in writing by cottontail.


The terms “we,” “our,” and “Calligrapher” refers to cottontail.

The terms “Client(s)”, “you”, refer to site customers, users, clients, and any other financial investors of our services.

The term “Contract” or “Invoice” shall refer to the customized services, plans and fees Calligrapher has created for Client.


Quotes are valid for 30 Days after being submitted to Client. After 30 Days without an official booking, cottontail reserves the right to re-evaluate the quote and update the estimated pricing. Quotes must be confirmed at least one month before the commencement of the works.


Client agrees to pay cottontail the fees listed in the contract, including all taxes if applicable.


To reserve a date on our calendar, an initial retainer fee (deposit) of 50% is required. This retainer is non-refundable, and is due within 3 days of signing of contract before any work will begin on the project.


The balance is due before the completed order is shipped or delivered in person.


Payment terms might varies according to different projects, please refer to the respective Contracts.


Client agrees to pay for the Services at the rates and at the times indicated in the signed contract. All payments are non-refundable. Accepted payment methods are via bank-in, cheque, PayMe, and FPS.


Online shop accepts bank-in, credit cards, PayPal, PayMe, and FPS.


Due dates are indicated on invoices, and failures to pay any invoice within seven (7) business days from the aforementioned dates will incur a fee of no less than 2% and not more than 5% of the total project cost per day. Cottontail reserves the right to discontinue providing services until such invoices are paid in full.


To avoid last minute stress for both parties, it is best to book our services in advance. We reserve the right to refuse any service requests for projects that do not allow a reasonable completion time. To accommodate last minute orders or additions cottontail will charge a Rush Fee in certain circumstances.


The Rush Fee ranges from 25% - 200% of the total amount of the order depending on the nature of the request. cottontail will apply a rush fee to the final invoice in the following, but not limited to, scenarios:

  • If the Client wishes to book cottontail’s services one week or less before the final artwork is required.

  • If the Client does not supply cottontail with the necessary information to complete their project until one week or less before the final artwork is required.

  • If the Client adds an additional project that was not previously agreed upon one week or less before the final artwork is required.


Rush orders only shorten our processing times, not the shipping time. In the case where rush shipping is also needed, we advise the Client to consider purchasing faster shipping options from the shipping provider.


Processing times refer to the amount of time it takes for cottontail to create, package, and provide goods and services to the shipping carrier or client. It does NOT include the transit time needed for shipping carriers to deliver an order. Processing times vary based on project scope, current projects in work, and services rendered. Our general processing times are as follows:

  • In stock products: 3 - 7 days

  • Personalized products: 2 - 4 weeks

  • Made to Order products: 2 - 4 weeks

  • Calligraphy services: 2 - 4 weeks


Please feel free to inquire about current processing times by emailing us at or send us inbox messages on our website (, Facebook ( or Instagram (


cottontail defines the project due date as the date your item(s) will be shipped to you, not the date you actually receive the items.


cottontail utilizes shipping services including, but not limited to, Hong Kong Post and SF Express. cottontail will not be held liable for any delays caused by a shipping provider. It shall be the responsibility of the Client to choose the appropriate shipping services for their location, time frame, and budget.


It is the Client's responsibility to ensure all provided shipping addresses are entered correctly. cottontail will not be held liable for any delays caused by an incorrect address.

In the event an item arrives to the Client in a damaged state from it's transit, please notify us immediately. We will file a claim with the shipping provider and work with the Client on replacement options.


Wedding or Event works must always be done prior to the actual event date. In certain situations Clients may be asked to arrange and assume any costs of pickup and delivery of all physical items associated with the project.


Should the artwork include text, the Client is responsible for making all decisions about spelling, abbreviation, punctuation and capitalisation. How the Client provides a list of names is exactly how they will be written on the final artwork. cottontail is not responsible for errors made in the final text document provided by the Client.

If the Client requests a particular paper or material outside of cottontail’s usual repertoire, it must be approved first by cottontail to ensure that it is suitable for calligraphy. Clients should refrain from purchasing a bulk order of envelopes, for example, until one envelope has been tested to ensure the paper is of a suitable weight / not overly textured / et cetera. If the Client is using a stationer other than cottontail, we are happy to work with the other party regarding paper/material qualities.


Client must provide an additional 15-20% of the materials required, with a minimum of 10 extra items, to accommodate last minute changes, ink issues and potential human error.


All of cottontail’s calligraphy, engraving, foiling, leathercraft, and any other artworks are completed by hand. There may be slight variations in colour, size, style, centering, spacing, or margins throughout the project. While we take all measures to ward off major inconsistencies, these variations are a natural and inevitable part of handmade production. Client should spend a satisfactory amount of time reviewing our work and have a reasonable expectation that their project will be completed in a similar style.


We will use reasonable efforts to incorporate Client's suggestions and customisation requests. Client shall agree to the following:

  • cottontail will use our artistic judgment to create designs for the Client, which may not strictly adhere to the aforementioned suggestions

  • We reserve the right to edit our created designs

  • The Client's potential dissatisfaction with our aesthetic choices or artistic license are not valid reasons for termination of this agreement


Client shall use all reasonable efforts to provide needed information, materials, and approvals needed to complete their project. Any delay by client will result in a day-for-day extension of the due date for all deliverables and may result in project cancellation at cottontail’s discretion.


cottontail agrees to use reasonable and diligent efforts to complete the Services in a timely fashion, subject to adjustments or extensions of time for conditions or circumstances beyond the control of Calligrapher, including, but not limited to, delays in deliveries of materials, changes to the scope of the Services by Client, the failure by Client to timely provide instructions or information or any other cause beyond the control of Calligrapher.


Client reserves the right to cancel services for any reason. The Client agrees to notify cottontail as soon as possible. Notice of cancellation does not relieve Client of any outstanding payment obligations, nor does it entitle the Client to any refund of previously paid monies.

For products -

all sales are final. cottontail is unable to provide refunds for any cancellations

For events -

Cancellation fee up to a week before the event: 50% of the total amount

Cancellation fee later than a week before the event: 100% of the total amount

In the event that cottontail cannot perform our obligations we will give immediate notice to the Client, issue a refund based on the percentage of services rendered, and excuse Client of their further obligations.


All purchases are final for any physical or digital goods.


Due to the custom nature of the services provided, cottontail is unable to accept returns or provide refunds.


Any errors made by cottontail will be redone at no cost to the Client. If errors are due to typos in the Client's provided text document, the Client will be responsible for all costs related to the creation of new items.


All artworks, both proposed and completed, are the wholly owned copyright of cottontail, and may not be reproduced, distributed, or published in any way without prior written permission. cottontail must receive a credit line for any editorial usage (in print or online). We reserve the right to post any of our created designs on social media at our discretion.

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